Realtor Referral Program

Realtors: Earn Money and Retain Your Clients with Blackwell Property Management

Realtors Referral Program

Do you have a seller that needs to move, but the property is not moving as fast as expected?

  • Discuss how turning the property into a rental home will maximize their profits.
  • Refer them to our experienced team.
  • Collect a $400 referral fee when an owner signs a Property Management Agreement with us.
  • Keep your client - they'll remember your consideration in the future when the market swings back in their favor. 

Do you have a client looking for a rental home?

  • Collect a $200 referral fee when your client signs a lease for a property that is professionally managed by our team.
  • Know that your client will be taken care of, and have a positive rental experience. 
  • Keep your client - they'll remember your consideration when they are ready to purchase a home!

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