Owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What Management Fees do you collect on?

    A: We do not charge management fees when your property is vacant. We do not charge management fees on uncollected rent.
  • Q: Do you have an easy termination policy?

    A: We understand that life happens and situations may change! Every Management Agreement will eventually end, whether it is a year later or ten years down the road. Our agreement is about as easy and flexible as you will find anywhere.
  • Q: What are your Maintenance Processes?

    A: We have an outstanding relationship with a group of various licensed small businesses that cover all of our maintenance concerns. Typically when a standard maintenance request is placed our vendors are able to make contact with the tenant that day and no later than 48 hours from time of reporting. Additionally, we have implemented an After-hours Service that allows tenants to call in Emergency Maintenance requests. Within minutes one of our trusted vendors is dispatched and in communication with the tenant to go to the property.
  • Q: What are your methods of communication?

    A: In addition to phone, email and fax, we also offer the Owner Portal. An online site through our management system that allows you to view your owner ledger, leave messages for our Property Management Team and even check status of maintenance requests placed in the system. This program assists in streamlining all of the wonderful processes we have in place here at Blackwell all while giving our owners real-time updates.
  • Q: How long will it take to rent my property?

    A: Four factors influence the movement of rental property:
    1. Location
    2. Condition
    3. Price
    4. Time of Year
    When the location has appeal to the applicant, the property is in good condition (especially paint and carpet), the rental price is in-line with market value and it is within the favorable marketing season, properties tend to rent quicker.
  • Q: How will you market my property?

    A: Your property will be advertised on our company website www.RentBlackwell.com. We also use extensive internet advertising including Bright MLS (Realtor database), REALTOR.COM, TRULIA, ZILLOW, etc. Through these sources your property will be listed on more than 40 national websites. Your property will have a worldwide exposure, in an effort to ensure that anyone looking for a rental in our territory can find your property.
  • Q: How long will you market my property?

    A: Getting your property rented as soon as possible to a qualified tenant is one of our highest priorities. Lost rent due to vacancy is income never recovered for both of us, since we don’t charge management fees during vacancies. Hence, it always remains a top priority.
  • Q: How long does it take to qualify an applicant?

    A: The qualification process normally takes 24-48 hours to complete while we compile all of the information required.
  • Q: What about rent increases and lease renewals?

    A: The rent is evaluated before the end of each lease period to make sure it stays in line with the current market conditions. Once a market analysis has been done we will suggest a lease renewal to the owner, including the new rental amount. If acceptable to the owner, we will then present the offer to the tenant and execute a new lease if accepted by the tenant.
  • Q: What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay rent?

    A: This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions and the subject of the greatest concern. The answer is that when a tenant does not pay rent and remains in the property, there is a procedure in place. On the 6th of the month, they receive a 5 day pay or quit notice. If they have not rectified the situation by the 5th day (the 11th), we file for eviction at the court house. We receive a hearing date and attend on your behalf. The total eviction process for West Virginia and Virginia vary greatly by county. We represent you throughout the whole process no matter how long it may take.
  • Q: How likely is it that an eviction will occur?

    A: Although we cannot predict the future we can tell you our history. In all of the years we have been open and dealing with thousands of tenants, the actual number of court-ordered evictions is less than a handful. We attribute this to our excellent property management staff and our comprehensive tenant qualification/selection process.